Coping With Travel Anxiety: A Guide

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For first-time travellers, single trip holiday insurance can help reduce a lot of anxiety. Here are a few other tips to consider.

For many people, the thought of travelling to a new place is something that is incredibly exciting; however, for quite a few people, it can actually be frightening. According to studies, travel anxiety affects as many as 15% of all travellers, including seasoned ones. The good news is, only a small percentage of sufferers experience extremely severe symptoms, such as debilitating panic and phobia. However, even the milder forms of travel anxiety, such as mild paranoia or niggling discomfort, can negatively affect your enjoyment of your trip.

Fortunately, there are ways minimize travel-related anxiety, such as making sure you are packed for every eventuality and making sure you are covered by single trip holiday insurance. Just like its indicators, the sources of travel anxiety are wide and varied. Pinpointing the source of your unease is the first step to finding the best way to minimize or overcome travel anxiety.

Below, we present a few of the most common sources of travel anxiety and tips on how to cope with them.

Fear of loneliness

For first-time travellers especially, leaving the support of your family and loved ones, for an unfamiliar place filled with strangers can be paralysing. Fortunately, with today’s communications technology, it’s easy to keep in touch with friends and family—you can even make voice or video calls during a flight! (Just be sure to follow the instructions of the flight attendants regarding on the use of electronic devices on board.) A good single trip holiday insurance plan can covers your possessions in the event of loss, theft, or damage, so go ahead and take your phone, laptop, tablet, or any the communication device you need.

Fear of being stranded

A common horror story among travellers is something going wrong in terms of delays, whether for mundane reasons such as cancelled flights or emergencies such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks. In most cases, this may be a purely financial concern—many travellers have a set budget and cannot afford to stay extra days on holiday, buy another plane ticket, or to lose income because they cannot return to work on schedule. But for others, it can be a very real fear of being stuck in a foreign place unable to go home. Fortunately, in both cases, having single trip holiday insurance is a welcome solution.

Depending on your plan, a policy can provide coverage against financial loss in the event of cancelled flights, as well as access to emergency and evacuation services in the event of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and even political unrest. Unfortunately, we can’t always avoid bad situations, no matter how careful we are, but knowing you’ll always have a way to come home can go great lengths to minimize travel anxiety.

Fear of getting ill or hurt

Being extra cautious when you’re travelling is always a good idea; however, this is not always enough. Accidents can still happen, or you could suffer a negative reaction to unfamiliar food, for example. The thought of getting sick or hurt is worrying enough when you’re safe at home and that anxiety multiplies when you’re in a strange place, with no access to your family doctor or your usual medical services. No wonder getting ill or hurt is a major source of travel anxiety! Having good single trip holiday insurance may not prevent you from getting ill or hurt, but it does ensure you have access to emergency and medical services during your travels – including medical evacuation services, if necessary. That, alone, can provide huge peace of mind to nervous travellers.

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